Concept to Material

My artwork is based off a phrenological head. Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828), a Viennese physician, proposed that the contours of the skull followed the brain’s shape, with each region responsible for an aspect of personality or behavior. My concept behind the piece was memories. I wanted this artwork to be based around memories of my childhood. I kept the same idea of using a foam head but create images on top of the head to represent memories of my childhood. My idea was to buy a foam head to get the basic shape of a phrenological head.

I started this project by thinking that I could paint the pictures on the Styrofoam ball. But the paint just absorbed into the air bubbles on the ball, so I had to use some newspaper to hold the paint. After I painted the squares on the newspaper I started to think about the most important things from my childhood that would go great for each particular box. I wanted have the colors to represents different feelings that I remember from my memories. The warm colors represent happy times that I remember and the cooler colors don’t necessary represent bad times but not as exciting moments during my


Phrenological Head, 2013

Styrofoam Head, Newspaper, Water Color

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Material to Concept

My artwork is A God’s Eye (or Ojo de Dios).

I wanted to make a God’s Eye because I can choose any color combinations that I find appealing to my eyes. I remember making a smaller version of the God’s Eye back in grade school, but that was only with 2 sticks. But this time around when I was thinking of how I wanted to make a God’s Eye I wanted to make it as complex as I wanted it to be, to move away from the simple 2 sticks, but to 4 sticks.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 1.22.37 PM








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Design to Art

Going from design to art was a bit of a hassle. Thinking of something that was once used and create a new work of art was the struggle. I found an old picture and decided to just get the glass out of the frame. Now that I have one sheet of glass I came up with the idea of why don’t I make an image with  pieces of glass. I got an alcohol bottle and smashed the bottle to acquire smaller pieces of glass.

Photo on 5-4-13 at 9.13 PM

Unknown Figure, 2013


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Needles, Needles, Needles. The sight of the tip of a Syringes scares the hell out of a lot of people, luckily I’m not one of those people. If one needle scares millions of people, why not 100 needles coming out of the syringe. That’s right would you get a shot with 100 needles sticking out of the syringe? To create this unorthodox syringe, I bought a soccer ball pump and painted it white to make it look more like a syringe. Then I bought 100 colorful pins that would be used to represent the needles. To keep the pins from falling off I super glue the pins to the pump.


Syringe, 2013

Pins / Pump

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Ronald the Clown

Ronald the clown takes a turn from the other phobias I created. Clowns are meant to be funny, cheerful, and playable, but to some they can’t stand the sight of clowns. The red nose is the most common place that people want to touch on a clown so to increase that phobia, I decided to put pins in the big red of the clown.


Ronald the Clown, 2013

Glass/ Mixed Media

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While Scorpion aren’t common in the Midwest, they are very common in the southwest. This scorpion only tool around 35 feet of steel wire and 2 coat hangers. The steel hangers were used to give more details and definition to the scorpion. The Coat Hangers gives the base and the design of the scorpion.




Scorpion, 2013

Coat Hangers / Steel Wire

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King Cobra

With the help of 150 feet of steel wire and a couple of wire hangers I was able to create a King Cobra. From a personal testimony this cobra was a pain for my fingers, the wires were hard to bend to the way I wanted and they constantly pricked me. This piece is my favorite because of the pain it cause me brought me closer and made me more determine to finish.


King Cobra, 2013

Steel Wire, Coat Hanger

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